3 nov. 2010

Questions I’m no Longer Asking

Jag läste nyss ett blogginlägg från elearnspace (min google reader) och måste bara föra inlägget vidare även om jag såg att andra var före ändå (Mats).
Notera särskilt kommentar 3 och 5. Gå sedan till elearnspace och läs hela inlägget!

1. Is online learning more or less effective than learning in a classroom? Who cares. That question is irrelevant. Society answered the need to use technology through its broad adoption of the web/internet/online medium.

2. Does technology use vary by age? Nonsensical. It would only matter if people couldn’t learn new skills. They can. They do. And most software is easier to use today than it was ten years ago. Motivation, not age, is key.

3. How do learning styles influence learning online? I had a spike in blood pressure this last week when my 14 year old son came home from school and informed me he was a visual learner, but couldn’t learn audibly. They still use destructive classification structures like learning styles in schools? Educators too readily fall for an attractive model that can be easily implemented.

4. What role do blogs or microblogging [insert tool in question] play classroom or online learning? Any role you want. Answers to questions like this don’t exist in advance of exploration.

5. How can educators implement [whatever tool] into their teaching? Simple: do it. With technology, every teacher is a researcher. Find your own answers, don’t appropriate from other contexts.

6. Is connectivism a learning theory? Again, who cares. There is more evidence to support a connectivist view of learning than exists for other theories: nuerology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy support the “connectedness” aspects of knowledge and learning. Similarly, innovations, new ideas, and complex problem solving are driven by surfacing (and fostering desired) connections.


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