19 juni 2013

Tre enkla regler

Har du hört talas om Hoadley's laws of education technology?
Ett intressant försök att fokusera på väsentligheter snarare än på varje ny liten funktion/trend inom it-teknologin.
Jag vet inte riktigt vad jag tycker om detta ännu. Jag anar att reglerna bottnar i idén om teknik som möjliga "hjälpmedel" snarare än att försöka förstå hur vi idag kommunicerar i en digitaliserad värld. Det blir lite olika fokus, tror jag. Jag försökte formulera detta i en lekfull slide inspirerad av Michael Wesch för ett tag sedan.

Law #1: It’s not the technology. It’s what you do with it.

Since there’s not really a description about each law, I’m going to make a best-guess here. Law #1 essentially states what I have said many times: technology is not the solution, it’s a tool. It’s all about what you can create, learn, and gain from technology. If you’re not learning, growing, or enhancing your life, then put that tech down and move on!

Law #2: It’s not what the technology makes possible. It’s what technology makes easy.

Again, this is just my interpretation and ideas about the second law. Basically, technology exists (generally) to make our lives easier. Not like a Wall-E kind of easy (yikes!), just that technology is being used to connect us all like never before possible, find out information we’d normally spend hours looking up, etc. All made easier thanks to technology. If applied to education technology, remember that technology is designed to make learning and teaching easier. Not harder.

Law #3: Pay attention to the trends in learning, not in technology.

I try to do this with Edudemic every day. Katie and I work hard to make sure we’re talking about technology with a focus on how it works in education. In other words, we focus on education trends plenty but we also focus on technology trends. We try to take it a step further though and focus on how those technology trends apply to education. Hopefully you learn at least something from our hard work!
Professor Chris Hoadley (@tophe on Twitter) is a faculty member at NYU Steinhardt and director of dolcelab, the Laboratory for Design Of Learning, Collaboration & Experience. Hear his predictions for the future of educational technology.

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