12 okt. 2011

Lite av varje...

Jag fick (igen) ett tips från Stefan Pålsson om följande artikel där Michael Wesh säger intressanta saker

"We have to recognize in our society that the new media we see in our environment are not just new means of communication, not just tools," he told attendees at the Campus Technology 2011 conference in July. "Media change what can be said, how it can be said, who can say it, who can hear it, and what messages will count as information and knowledge."

Wesch compared the need to "re-inspire curiosity and imagination" in students with bridging the digital divide.

"We've talked for years about the digital divide and how, if you're on the wrong side of that technology access gap, you get left behind," he said. "I think there's the potential now for a kind of curiosity gap. Consider how much further ahead a curious student will be, compared with a student who lacks curiosity, in an environment in which he or she can reach out and grab new knowledge anytime, anywhere on all kinds of devices. If you're a curious person, you'll learn and grow; if you're not, you could just drift along while others race ahead."

Wesch is also likely to talk with FETC attendees about teaching students to become "knowledge-able," his term for the ability to find, sort, analyze, criticize, and ultimately create new information and knowledge.

"It's just not enough anymore to know a bunch of stuff," he said.

Ett långt citat men... jag kunde inte klippa av någonstans. Intressant term "Knowledge-able". För den nyfikne finns stora möjligheter nu, som alltid.

För övrigt så har jag hittat andra intressanta länkar :

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